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Blue Feather specializes in personal 
Northern Arizona and Sedona tours.  Located in Sedona, we offer Vortex, Indian Ruin, Petroglyph and Extreme home and Metaphysical tours.

We also offer spiritual retreats, and referrals for individual practitioners. We have a new service to connect you with the best of Sedona’s psychics

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Rock Art Ranch

Been to Sedona, seen everything? You haven’t seen anything, anywhere like the Rock Art Ranch.

In a remote canyon are thousands of ancient carvings, made by native peoples, spanning 8000 years. These Petroglyph panels cover both canyon walls for a quarter mile. Archeologists of the University agree this is one of the world’s best petroglyph sites.

Rock Art Ranch
We have begun excavating an archeological site that appears to be a large pueblo. Visitors, if you wish, can use our tools to gently reveal ancient artifacts. You can't keep the artifacts but your discoveries will be documented and we place your picture on our web site.

Full Day Tour, Steep Stairs

 includes lunch at La Posada

includes box lunch 

Sedona Vortex Tour

Curious about the vortex energy you have heard about? Not sure what they are or where to go? Most visitors who tour with us feel Vortex Energy in their hands or body.

Cathedral Rock
You’ll learn about the metaphysical aspects of Sedona, Animal totems and how to meditate.  Discover your animal helper using the animal medicine cards.

Half Day   4 hours
$85 plus tax per person
More info on Sedona Vortex tours

This tour can be tailored to the avid hiker or to the individual who is only able to walk a few feet

Sedona Mystic Sites

Visit scenic sacred sites and explore a variety of spiritual & mystical traditions in Sedona area.  Experience the energy as we visit several 

Vortex sites. You will be amazed by the ancient and modern architecture as we visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Indian Ruins and a Healing Spring. This is an ideal tour for the first time visitor to Sedona.   
Includes  Lunch 
$130 plus tax Per Person 

Approximately 7 hours 

Antelope Canyon 

This natural slot canyon with multiple chambers is located on the Navajo Reservation. The red rock canyon is considered sacred by tribal members and feels like entering a cathedral. Curving sandstone is lit by the sun through
Antelope Canyon
natural openings that act as   skylights

Photo possibilities change within minutes. You will want to bring plenty of film and memory cards.

Along the way to the slot canyon your guide speaks of the ancient Navajo culture and the extraordinary geology you see along the way. We drive over the Colorado River at the Glen Canyon Dam. You will have an opportunity to shop at a historic Navajo trading post with over 100 feet of jewelry cases.    

Full Day Tour
$189 plus tax Per Person 
Includes Lunch
Seasonal tour, Spring through Fall
Tour Departs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

All Tours are  in English only

Complimentary pickups at ALL Sedona hotels.

Telephone: (928)-203-1123
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